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Official licenses


About official licenses

The website "La-Boutique-Des-Fans" does not have official licenses. We go through an intermediary (http://mxedapp.com) which provided us with licenses to sell products protected by copyright.

The main licenses concerned are : 

  • DC Comics®
  • Harry Potter®
  • Pokemon®
  • StarWars®
  • Crunchy Roll®
  • Warner Brothers®
  • Marvel®
  • Disney®
  • Nickelodeon®
  • Nintendo®
  • Call of Duty®
  • Capcom®
  • Halo®
  • Fallout®
  • Rick & Morty®
  • Hunter X Hunter®


Why go through an intermediary?

This allows us to offer you cheaper rates. Official licenses are expensive and, despite the percentage paid to Mxed®, the savings represented by the "rental" of these licenses can significantly reduce the cost of derivatives.

Other licenses will be added?

For the moment, we are totally dependent on Mxed®, we can not add other licenses ourselves. If the company Mxed® appropriates the right of sale on other licenses, we will "rent" these rights in order to offer you derivative products in connection with this license.

About Mxed®

All information about Mxed® is available here :